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Trouble With Insomnia? Top 5 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep

  • 3 min read

Trouble With Insomnia? Top 5 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep


If you’re reading this, we probably don’t need to tell you how important sleep is. Even a few restless nights can affect mood, memory, appetite and performance, making you feel grumpy and hangry (hungry+angry) throughout the day.

One of the first lines of treatment for poor sleep is a series of small adjustments you can make (starting today!) that will help you get more shut-eye naturally.

Here are the top 5 bad habits that are ruining your sleep and how to fix them!

1. Screen Time

Scrolling through the newsfeed might seem like a relaxing activity before bed, but it’s one of the main reasons people are getting less sleep at night. The screen’s blue light tricks your brain into believing it’s daytime. It can interfere with melatonin production - a hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. The result? You might find your self wide awake in the middle of the night!

One of the best ways to ensure the quality to improve the quality of your snooze time is to put away your devices for at least an hour before you go to bed.

2. Bad Sleeping Posture

Your sleeping position is key if you want to wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how bad their posture is until it becomes a pain in the neck (literally!).

You can achieve the perfect sleeping posture by making sure your neck and spine are aligned. The best way to do that is to buy yourself the ultimate sleeping accessory: a smart pillow

LuxSleep™ - Smart Pillow is designed to support the neck and spine, keeping them correctly aligned throughout the night.


Trouble With Insomnia? Top 5 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep


3. Going to bed at a different time each day

When it comes to snooze time, it’s best to be a creature of habit. Try to go to bed at the same time every day - and yes, wake up at the same time each morning (as tempting as it is to just sleep in on weekends).

Consistency is essential for a good rest because it maintains the timing of the body's internal clock, thus helping you fall asleep faster and wake up without difficulty.

4. Using night lights

Sleeping with night lights will ruin your beauty sleep. Exposure to light makes it hard for your brain to go into deep sleep and throws off your circadian rhythm. And if you do manage to fall asleep, night lights will hinder your REM sleep, which regulates mood and memory.

Even if you don’t use night lights, living in a busy city means there’s a lot of light coming from outside, so you need to take a few steps to make sure your room is completely dark when you sleep. This could mean buying thick curtains that block light - but they don’t come cheap!

We have a much easier and affordable way to achieve the same results: using a sleep mask!

Our Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask is made of the highest quality pure silk filler and internal liner, so it keeps light out AND keeps your skin soft and moisturised.


Trouble With Insomnia? Top 5 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep


5. Taking long naps

If you sleep poorly at night, you’ll most likely want to take naps during the day or early in the evening, but sleep specialists recommend you resist temptation.

Taking long naps will disrupt your sleep pattern even more and keep the vicious cycle going. That being said, if you absolutely must get some shut-eye during the day, you can nap, but no longer than 20 minutes. This little reboot will help you avoid dangerous situations like driving whilst sleepy.

These small, but significant adjustments will change your sleep game for the better, so make sure you implement them asap!

And if you really want to make the most of your downtime, check out our entire collection of sleep accessories - you’ll be amazed at what a huge difference they can make in your life!



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