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Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask



Made using LuxSleep™ highest quality pure silk filler and internal liner | Not all silk sleep masks are created equal | Includes x 1 sleep mask in single pack.


LuxSleep™ Sleep Mask: Uninterrupted Beauty Sleep

LuxSleep™ sleep mask difference

LuxSleep™ Sleep Mask is specially commissioned and made to our exacting standards, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability.

We use the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.

Silk fibers are significantly less absorbent than many other fibers, so they can help keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong, on your face and hair.

Sleep with LuxSleep™ Sleep Mask

We spend a third of our lives in bed. By the time we are 60 we will have slept for an average of 20 years. We developed a unique product with features of anti aging, anti sleep crease, anti bed head, pure silk pillowcase because it can help to reduce friction, which can reduce stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.

So what could be better than sleeping on a LuxSleep™ silk pillowcase? Wearing a luxurious LuxSleep™ sleep mask at the same time (so your beauty sleep isn’t interrupted).

LuxSleep pure silk sleep masks are 100% pure silk, inside and out. They're made with pure silk filler, silk internal liner and a silk-covered elastic band. Beware of cheap imitations.

Customer Reviews



From 30 reviews

Customer Ratings

Nathalie D Verified   verify

I loved the mask! It's very soft for the eyes.

Fern L Verified   verify

Their customer support is very kind -- Answered all the questions I asked about the sleeping mask

Hannah K Verified   verify

5 stars for the delivery. Received the package in just 6 days. Thank you

Grace C Verified   verify

I love their sleeping mask. It's very comfortable to wear!

Michelle G Verified   verify

Wearing the mask makes me feel like royalty. Thank you ❤️

Claire R Verified   verify

The material used for this mask is exceptional. It's too soft. I loved it!

Georgina W Verified   verify

It makes me feel like a princess for the such low price and superb quality. I highly recommend this shop!

Monica B Verified   verify

Thank you Lushdream! I purchased 6 sleeping mask for the whole family. We are very happy

Mary B Verified   verify

I never had any second thoughts on purchasing their mask because of their customer service. Thanks

Michael F Verified   verify

Bought this for my girlfriend - she's very happy. She said that I have a very good taste

Jenny F Verified   verify

I like wearing this whenever i'm on the bathtub. It feels great!

Cathy M Verified   verify

I was pleasantly surpised with the shipping time. I received my order in just 5 days.

Katrina S Verified   verify

It feels like i'm in a 5 star hotel wearing the sleeping mask I bought from you. Thank you!

Pia G Verified   verify

Great quality! I will purchase again today for my mother

Anna F Verified   verify

Received my order in 7 days from the date I purchased. Thanks

Glenda F Verified   verify

My husband and I loved the sleeping mask. Thank you so much

Kate S Verified   verify

This is a perfect gift for my girlfriends! Bought 9 pieces.

Maria S Verified   verify

Your sleeping mask makes me feel more beautiful at night :)

Sheena T Verified   verify

I love the comfort it gives me while sleeping

Nancy C Verified   verify

Brought the sleeping mask to my office, my officemate loves it so I need to purchase again lol

Patricia P Verified   verify

The most soft and beautiful sleeping mask I bough in my entire life!

Roxanne B Verified   verify

The quality is superb! Thank you Lushdream

Jane M Verified   verify

Your brand is perfect for our bedroom! Thank you

Vilma R Verified   verify

Made an inquiry via email and their customer support is very kind and helpful. Thank you

Ariane D Verified   verify

My parents love your sleeping mask. It helps them sleep soundly at night

Nicole C Verified   verify

My husband loves seeing me wearing this. He said that it makes me more sexier at night :)

Donna F Verified   verify

Too soft and too beautiful. I love the feeling wearing this.

Princess K Verified   verify

My baby girl loves your sleeping mask.

YollyS Verified   verify

Wearing this while sleeping makes me feel like i'm in the clouds

Lola F Verified   verify

The sleeping mask is perfect after a long tiring day. It helps me sleep comfortably


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