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LuxSleep Knee Pillow

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Does your back pain keep waking you up at night?

If sciatica pain, lower back pain or hip pain keeps you awake at night, the LuxSleep™️ - Knee Pillow can help alleviate your pain.

Our cushion is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably between your legs during sleep and promotes ideal spinal alignment to help reduce sciatica, lower back, hip or joint pain.

Enjoy your best sleep ever with LuxSleep™️ Knee Pillow!

Experiencing pain can impact everyday activities and interrupt the overall quality of sleep. Back and joint pain resulting from poor spinal alignment is one of the main causes of unhealthy sleep. Additionally, the poor posture from sleep can impact blood circulation.

With the LuxSleep™️ - Knee Pillow, you experience deep and relaxing sleep unlike ever before. The pillow helps improve circulation due to the perfect sleeping position in which you’ll sleep from using the LuxSleep™️ - Knee Pillow. Our pillow provides maximum support and comfort to your posture while you sleep:

Recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists

Ergonomic design that fits and stays comfortable between the legs

Superior design that doesn't flatten

Durable, portable & easy to clean

This ergonomically shaped design keeps your legs, hips and spine in an ideal position while sleeping and improves circulation.

This pillow has a breathable cover with a zipper that ensures that the pillow ventilates and does not get warm.

Machine wash friendly for easy cleaning.

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Customers Ratings

Maximilian H Verified   verify

I really like this leg pillow. I've had two spine surgeries in the last four years, and it is very important to keep my spine aligned when I sleep. I've tried using a folded head pillow, a long pregnancy-type pillow and a leg pillow from another company. Both the head pillow and the long pillow were too bulky and too hot in warm weather. The leg pillow was an odd shape, and I often found it on the floor next to the bed in the morning. Its covering was also rough and scratchy.

Lina D Verified   verify

I am very pleased with the product. I’ve had it for three days, and I like it more every day. The first night I used it, it felt so good. Whether I had my knees bent in a fetal position, or straight, the pillow stayed in place, and took pressure off my lower back and hips. I highly recommend this product.

Mila B Verified   verify

I have been using LushDream pillows since my knee replacement and have found them to be good, but this newest one is the best one yet. I get a good nights sleep without any joint pain from either my knees or hips which have also been replaced.

Luca K Verified   verify

Here's my experience. To help alleviate vertigo by not sleeping on my right side, initially I resorted to using under my head a foam between-the-knees pillow I hadn't used as such for several years. (I had kept it because it didn't take up much storage.) It helped alot but I needed stronger neck support. If I could commission a pillow to meet my needs, what would it look like? It should be small like the old knee pillow I had but more firmly contoured to fit my neck and keep my head in place. I had a vague vision of what it should look like. While researching the available pillows, I came across the LushDream Knee Pillow. Bingo! I took the chance and ordered it and I haven't been one bit sorry.

Felix A Verified   verify

The pillow works well for the pain in my hips while sleeping!

Luke H Verified   verify

The pillow is very comfortable. I have used Tempedic knee pillow for years. But this pillow is very soft and retains its shape. It also is cool still provides plenty of comfort i like that the shape of it provides a firm fit between my knees

Lena J Verified   verify

The pillow performed exactly as advertised. I have a bad left knee that requires a knee replacement and I have bone on bone, when sleeping, if both knees touch either other on the inside it is so painful that is was waking me up. The contour pillow gave my instant relief, so glad I purchased it.

Luis N Verified   verify

Nothing to dislike about this pillow. Having had a hip replacement, foot surgery, and, issues with knee,,,,doctors and P.T. had advised me to sleep with a pillow between my legs. A 'pillow' just doesn't fit 'right'. Too large, too wide,,,hard to roll over and make sure the pillow is rolling with you. This is just perfect.

Leonie T Verified   verify

This pillow was more comfortable than others I have tried. I have problems with recurring sciatica and another lower back condition which causes pain in my legs when I lay down at night. The pillow relieves a great part of the pain. I like that it is less bulky than my old one, thus making it easier and more comfortable to stay in place as you move from one side to the other, which is easy to do as long as I'm awake, but after I fall asleep, it falls out sometimes. However, this doesn't matter because by then the pain has been relieved so I can sleep. Sometimes I wake up and it's rolling around in my bed, but I just throw it out on the floor because I don't need it any more - and I go back to sleep! The only down side was that I thought it was a little pricey considering it didn't have as much material to it as some of the other standard ones. But I guess if something works, you're willing to spend more!

Lea E Verified   verify

It’s smaller than I thought . But seems to be helping my sore back in the morning.


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